Sunday, August 30, 2009

Back in the USA!

The visit to Shlosborn, Germany kept me busy: touring, laundry, waiting for the sun, swimming, great wine, getting ready for new carpet, my daughter's wonderful cooking, three grandkids under 5 with all their activities, friends, playdates, and a few hugs and kisses.

I had an unespectedly revitalizing visit to Amsterdam. It has more canals than Venice and bikes have their own lane (unfortunately motorcycles use them, too). Yes, they have cannabis for sale. Great knowing taxes for this recreation help pay for Dutch social services. I have an appt 9/6 to visit the Dutch Embassy in Los Angeles to discuss a work visa. Holland controls immigration like a hawk on steroids. Maybe that's why the city feels so great--I have never felt an environment more stimulating yet relaxing. I hope I can work there part-time to supplement my meager retirement income.

The job in Korea did not materialize, but I have almost completed the exhaustive Peace Corps application.

The Seattle University 40th Reunion was way better than I expected. Like a journey into the mists of time--and people were so excited to relate their anecdotes, and it was rewarding to see all the new buildings and programs. SU has the highest rated Law School in the nation. I may be able to make an Africa connection with the director of Alumni Relations. Of course, I had to mention "the ordination of women" to murmurs of agreement. Wonderful to see Carmel Widman Fleck and her husband David, with whom I went to high school. I missed seeing Karen Wagner (best friend at Auburn High School) but Carmel reminded me Karen dropped out in her junior year to get married, so she's not a '69er. 100 of our graduating class have already passed fragile is our energy link to etermity. Ours was the largest class SU ever graduated (GO BOOMERS!).

I'm slowly outfitting my motorhome for the next stage of dog is by my side. I'm getting a whole new lease on life.

Special hello to my friend Shannon J.

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