Saturday, January 2, 2010

Happy New Decade!

I find myself at the beginning of 2010--wondering what it will bring?

I remember saying, "2009 has GOT to be better than 2008." Maybe the unknown always has a secret allure.

I'm very dissatisfied with Mr. Obama. He is a wonderful speaker--very inspiring--and a lot of people were drawn into the political process with that most valuable motivator: HOPE.

Unfortunately, Mr. Obama surrounded himself with Bush-era advisors and he has not been able to show leadership in the most important area of health care reform. After a year of wrangling, we have a bonus for the insurance companies and not much more.

I'm considering attending the Air America Cruise from LA to Cabo. So many positive, progressive voices--I need to hear them!

My trip to Korea has been pushed back to July; they are feeling the pinch of the failed global economy, too.

Hope all of you, out there in the blogosphere, have a great year with many wonderful surprises! My friend, Kayla B., has dedictged herself to starting a new business: a soup cart for downtown Portland. She is leaving 20 years of massage to retouch her culinary roots with Western Culinary Institute (now Cordon Bleu?). I wish her well.

Take care, all!

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